TRO 800 Robot stretch wrapping machine

It is mobile cordless type stretch wrapping machine. The product fixed die rotates around the product, making the winding process. The pre-tensioning unit has electronic motorized pre-tensioning technology. Stretching your stretch film between 250% and 300% allows you to save up to 2.5 times of stretch film. Tension adjustment between load and machine can be made from panel at each stage of winding.


Tower Height: 240 Cm (225 Cm Net Winding )
Electric Control System: PLC Control 7 ” touch screen
Stretch Film Pre-Tensioning System: Electronic Motorized Tensioning
Stretching your stretch film by 250% to 300% allows you to save up to 2.5 times of stretch film
Multiple Winding Program
Product height control: automatic height detection (photocell )
Stretch winding trolley electronic speed controlled frequent and sparse winding capability
Machine Power 1 Kw 220 Volt
Warranty period 2 years mechanical 1 year electrical
CE certificated
Static powder coating system against rust and scratch is used in our products
After-sales service to all parts of Turkey with the assurance of TUNÇ MAKINA


Tower Height: Upgradeable




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