Through our own fleet of trucks and vans we are able to provide excellent service, both to ensure receipt of the merchandise in a perfect as the supply of our products in terms tremendously competitive prices and state
Without intermediaries Direct from Factory to the Customer !!!


Professional SAT

We have a team of highly qualified professionals to serve all our clients in our country, as in countries of the European Community

Warranty of The Leader


The guarantee we offer all our products with the quality of each of the compenentes installed for the production of each of our machines designed and produced in our facilities Implicit in the concept that internally call "PREMIUM QUALITY".

Consultancy Service

Since 1986, our accumulated experience wrapping machine , Stretch Wrapping Machines, pallet wrapping machine , flow wrapping machine , shrink wrapping machine , Stretch Wrapping , Stretch Wrappers , luggage, suitcases, box stretch , packing machine supplier‎ , Pallet Shrink Wrap Machine , Pallet wrapper machines , Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines provide custom manufacturing and consulting services for both domestic and international.



Tunc Machine produced first Stretch Wrapping Machine in 1986 in Istanbul and has continued to its production activities since 1995 in Çanakkale


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Contact Information

 Address : 2 Nolu Sanayi Sitesi 12. Blok No:98 Çanakkale / TURKEY
 Phone : (0286) 316 23 06
 Fax : (0286) 316 23 06
 E-mail :

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