TOS 600 Pallet Wrapping Machine

TOS 600 Pallet Wrapping Machine

Product information

TOS 600

Pallet Wrapping Machine Properties


Tower Height: 2.70cm. ( 2.40cm Net Packing )

Turntable Diameter: 1.650mm.

Turntable Load Capacity: 1.700Kgs.

Turntable: Chain System

Electrical Control System: PLC Control LCD Screen

Stretch FilmPre-Tensioning System: Electronic Motor Pre-Stretch

It stretches the stretch film at 250-300% to save up to 2.5 times more

Product Height Control: Automatic height sensing ( Photocell )

4 Separate Wrapping Program Options

Soft start system in order to not let disperse the product at turntable electronic speed-control start

Electronic and speed-control stretch wrapping carriage for thick and thin wrapping

Stopping at home position  

It cuts and binds the stretch film automatically 

Remote Control

Machine Power 1 Kw 220 Volt

CE Documentary

Static powder painting system is used in our products against corrosion and scratching  

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Tunc Machine produced first Stretch Wrapping Machine in 1986 in Istanbul and has continued to its production activities since 1995 in Çanakkale


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